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Strategic Communications

Cash Labs, acclaimed as the "leading force in bringing Web3 to Market" by Vogue and other top outlets, has successfully launched over 200 projects in the past three years. From collaborating with brands like Farfetch and Verizon to supporting organizations like the NBA in strategic communications, our award-winning agency has a track record of excellence. We've also partnered with key Web3 companies and influencers, including leading NFT artists like Justin Aversano and Don Diablo, solidifying our reputation as a trusted entity in bringing emerging technologies to consumers' lives.

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Public Relations

Press Releases


Media Relations


Media Training

Press Conferences

Brand Voice

Brandvoice Guidelines


Business Development Scripts

Social Copy Rehaul

Sales Development Scripts

Content Strategy

Content Strategy Guidelines

Brand Visual Guidelines


Brand Videos

Video Ads

Social Media Graphics

Community Management

Community Management

Socials Account Managment

Twitter Spaces

Engageing KOLs

Video Editor

Graphic Designer


Growth Hacking

Content Development


UI / UX Consulting

IRL / URL Event Production

3D / AR / VR / XR Consulting

Strategic Communications Call

Book a 45-minute consulting call with our founder, David Cash.

We help translate technology for humans, making nascent innovations accessible to brands of all sizes.

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